Setkání se zástupci E.C.C.O. v Praze

The Commission of Conservator-Restorers of the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic invited members of the committee board of the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers Organizations E.C.C.O. for a joint meeting on 20 October 2023 in Prague. The participants were welcomed by Alicja Knast, the general director of the National Gallery in Prague, who also provided a pleasant background for the meeting in the Trade Fair Palace. The invitation was accepted by Elis Marçal, president of the E.C.C.O. from the Portuguese association together with representatives of conservation and restoration organizations from Sweden, Norway, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. The Czech side was led by Dušan Perlík, vice-chairman of the commission and the head of the collection protection department of the National Gallery in Prague, Alena Selucká, secretary of the commission and deputy director for the Methodological Conservation Centre of the Technical Museum in Brno, together with Michal Ďurovič, a member of the commission and head of the Institute of Chemical Technology for the Restoration of Monuments at VŠCHT in Prague and Jindřiška Drozenová, representative of the Prague section of the commission and head of the collection conservation department of the Prague City Museum. Adam Pokorný, head of the restoration department of the National Gallery, guided the delegates through the restoration studios of the National Gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts. The subject of the meeting was strengthening cooperation in unifying the requirements and standards of the profession of conservators-restorers among EU member countries, including the criteria for including this activity in the statistical processing of economic indicators. The mutually enriching and inspiring discussion brought a number of suggestions for the possibilities of education, regulation of the profession, including the classification of economic activities through CZ-NACE.