Conservation – Restoration

Conservation-Restoration of cultural heritage objects comprises the fields of preventive conservation, remedial consconservation and restoration, fully complying with international codes of ethics (ICOM – CC, E.C.C.O.), and the Document about the Profession of Conservator-Restorer (AMG). It connects the results of the research and development unit with the knowledge of the material nature of objects and the historical context.

The following material specializations are being developed:

  • Conservation-restoration of museum objects from the technical field, science and industry, respecting the knowledge of both the original production and craftsmanship processes and modern day materials,
  • Treatment of museum objects from metals and their alloys (archaeological, historical and modern materials),
  • Art-and-craft objects from wood, leather, and textile,
  • Polymer materials,
  • Fabrication of facsimiles and casts, replicas of museum objects.

The MCC conserves and restores museum objects of the TMB and a wide range of cultural objects to order, according to the requirements of the contract owners (mostly museums and galleries).