Methodological, Educational, Information and Publishing Services

The mission of this department is the systematic dissemination of knowledge and experience in the field of protection of cultural heritage, increasing awareness of professional ethics, improving public accessibility to cultural heritage, and educational activities. Tools for the implementation of these objectives are:

  • Web portal to share information in the field of conservation and restoration, making the results of scientific activities accessible, presenting research projects, methodologies and recommendations for optimal preservation of collections, on-line library of specialist literature, making the databases accessible, and conservation and restoration reports,
  • Educational activities include holding conferences for conservator-restorers, courses of preventive conservation, seminars and workshops devoted to selected topics; there are also conservation practice sessions for students of Museology, apprenticeships and practice for grammar school and university students,
  • Publication activities are represented by the periodical called “Fórum pro konzervátory-restaurátory” (Forum for Conservators-Restorers) which creates space not only for the presentation of scientific papers in the field of cultural heritage protection, conservation and restoration interventions, but also for information transfer, current information and references, and ongoing issuing of specialist publications and methodologies.