Fórum pro konzervátory-restaurátory 2015

Obálka časopisu Fórum pro konzervátory-restaurátory 2015dborné recenzované periodikum Fórum pro konzervátory-restaurátory, 2015. ISSN 1805-0050, ISBN 978-80-86413-89-3.

Technické muzeum v Brně, ISSN 1805-0050, ISBN 978-80-86413-89-3.

Forum for conservators-restorers 2015

Reviewed journal published by the Methodical Centre of Conservation of the Technical Museum in Brno in cooperation with the Commission of Conservators-Restorers of the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic, on the occasion of the Conference of Conservators-Restorers. This journal is a successor of former jounal named The Journal of the Conservators-Restorers Conference (ISSN 1805-0050).

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